MANAJ: The Journey

MANAJ: The Journey



For over a year we have talked endlessly about   launching our own clothing brand - we often   spend time altering our clothes from ironing our   own logo designs, 'cropping' our t-shirts and   turning denim jeans to shorts. We spend hours searching the boutiques of London, clothes   markets and Pinterest for inspiration. 

After a few brainstorming sessions over coffee and brunch we had locked down our brand concept- a urban street style brand with an Albanian flair. 

Business planning and finances 

The not so fun but crucial stuff - business planning and finances... we raised the funds to start a modest collection and learnt the key principles of business along the way. There is still so much to learn but we are confident that we will become experts very soon 💯. 


We knew that we wanted Albanian slogans on our clothing, we've worn the 'C'est La Vie's' and the 'Je'taime's' but we wanted 'our language' to shine through. A few brainstorming sessions (and more coffee) we came up with two design concepts which we are proud to launch - 'Nuk Na Kan Zili' and  'Ta Ha Zemren' which we know will resonate with our customers!

Design took a very long time - not because we were stuck for ideas- but because Dea, having a design background, is overcome with ideas and if there was no one to reign her in we will be launching a 60 piece collection🙃!

We promise you will love what's to come with this creative genius on board.








Photoshoots, website and social media

The photoshoots were so much fun, experimenting with looks and settings until we had the perfect look. We really enjoyed the planning of and releasing social media content and designing and building our website.

It has been a long and rewarding journey from concept to launch and we are so thankful to have this opportunity to bring our creativity and pieces to our customers.


Keep connected through our socials and follow our monthly blogs - let the journey begin 🚀.


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